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14 Black college students standing in front of a fountain and smiling at the camera. 9 are male and 5 are female. Present: Eric Hersey, Tochukwu Amugo, Jardine Allen, Erin Levesque, Erika Jones, Margaret Perr'tiangha, John Milton, Ighodalo Eboigbe, Justin Marshall, Erin Skillon, Elijah Simpson, Prince Kuevor, Marcus Gilkie, William Spraggins

Black Students
in Aerospace

Our Mission

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Black Students in Aerospace (BSA) at the University of Michigan is a student organization committed to increasing the visibility of Black people in the Aerospace and Aviation industry. At BSA, we aim to create an academic and social community among those already pursuing a space-related education at UM, as well as to foster participation in the industry for interested outsiders. We are accepting of everyone, and have quite a few members in engineering disciplines outside of Aerospace.


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The BSA logo: mustard colored block letters B, S, and A. A mustard coloredmissile cuts horizontally through the letter A, leaving a trail of propellant behind it
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